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BBQ Worth Traveling 500 Miles for, the Cult of the Little Yappy Dog, and Managing Your Own Expectations

Missions National Park, San Antonio Texas

Missions National Park, San Antonio Texas


“The best things in life are unexpected – because there were no expectations.”
- Eli Khamarov

Today I write this from the Florida Keys, about 8 months into our journey. It’s been a wild and wonderful ride.

January started off near Austin, Texas. We had a visit from my in-laws who drove down from West Michigan for a week of family time.  Texas was nice but it was mostly cold and rainy while we were there. I worked by business from Starbucks most of the time while the kids did their home schooling and got some good grandparent time. Read More→

3 Things You Can Do Today to Become Undomesticated This Year


Let’s put those New Year’s resolutions and goals you made 2 months ago aside for a moment – squirrely little things that they are – and talk about something more important. I’m talking about the importance of figuring out the reasons why you do what you do.

Yes it’s important. Frankly, it’s way more important than you probably think. Your reasons why are the only thing that can sustain you long enough to accomplish whatever you want to do with your life. Read More→

Full-Time Family Road Tripping: How Michael Boyink and Family Turned a Pipe Dream Into Reality

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Some people dream about experiencing the great American road trip, others just do it. Michael Boyink is one of those who did it and hasn’t looked back. He travels full time with his wife and 2 kids in a 30 foot RV. What started as a one-year experiment has evolved into an on-the-road family adventure story with an indefinite end. Michael took the time out to talk with me about dreaming big,  life on the road with kids and taking life moment by moment. Enjoy. Read More→