Your Excuses Are Invalid: Meet an International Traveling Single Mom Redefining Experiential Learning


“Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.” – Amelia Earhart

Its easy to find stories of single adults embarking on aggressive travel agendas. I mean why not? They can store their stuff in mom’s basement, live on the international equivalent of ramen noodles and carry their unmentionalbles in a backpack. But what if you’re a single mom from North Carolina with a craving for something more than maintaining social obligations?

Meet Crystal Blue, AKA The Enlightened Globetrekker.

She travels fulltime with her daughter River (coolest name ever for a girl) across the globe with a particular liking for sun and sand. She’s been known to operate as a mountain guide in the Himalayas and can be found picking coconuts in the South Pacific.

I caught up with her on Skype while I was in Phoenix, AZ and she in the South Pacific. Crystal has a following from all across the globe and is currently planning on heading to Mexico. Enjoy.

NOTE: Due to her location and spotty internet strength, the sound quality is less than optimal. I was not sure if we would get cut off so I let Crystal tell her story with few interruptions and questions from me as possible.

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Brandon: Hey everybody this is Brandon with I’m interviewing today Crystal. Crystal who has been traveling, almost I believe, full-time for almost two years with her daughter. She is international traveling right now. And we’ve got her on the line all the way from – Where are you Crystal?

 Crystal: The Marshall Islands

 Brandon: The Marshall Islands

 Crystal: In the Pacific

Brandon: The Marshall Islands in the South Pacific. Right. So from Arizona to the Marshall Islands this is Brandon and Crystal, talking about her travels. Hello Crystal.

Crystal: Hello Brandon! How are you doing?

Brandon: Good. Good. Good. How’s it going? How- So tell us about the South Pacific. Let’s start there. What’s going on in the South Pacific?

Crystal: Well, the South Pacific. I’m an adventurer. So came here to have, top notch adventures in one of the most remote, remote parts of the world. Not many people even know this place exists, let alone how to get here, or well actually [be done – 02:23] here. I do a lot of free diving. And traveling to these remote traditional islands where we cook traditional fish that we spearfish, and drink coconuts, and just have a really simple, natural, fulfilling vamp life, to raise my daughter without all of the –

Brandon: Wow

 Crystal: – the western world that I don’t really want to invade her as a seven year old right now.

 Brandon: Okay

Crystal: So we adventure together. She’s learning about all that stuff. And the fish are beautiful and the colors of nature here are just amazing. So, we’re here for all those reasons. I run the Enlightened Globe Trekker Blog and a book for that. And I have a lot of  trips and stuff that go on with that. But I have those obligations to test out different products for adventurers and stuff like that.

 Brandon: Okay

Crystal: So, yeah, that keeps us pretty busy.

Brandon: Awesome. Sounds fantastic. Right now, I’m calling you from Phoenix, and we’re pretty windy and cool. So I’m jealous of coconut water and I’m jealous of diving. My wife and I are both certified divers. Diving in the U.S. is generally pretty cold. So I’m very jealous of where you are right now. Tell us about how you got started on this journey. I know you said two years ago, in February, I believe. But tell us about that. Tell us how this all began.

 Crystal: Well, it’s either a really long story or a really short story.

 Brandon: Okay

 Crystal: It depends on how you look at it. Before I had – I’m a cultural anthropologist, that’s my background and that a cultural anthropologist sort of travels the world and looks for the equality in the human race. And sort of is interested in the differences in how everything works and all of that, from a cultural perspective. So I was doing that, in a Ph.D. program, before I had River. And I was living in the Himalayas for five years, running an international program there, being a guide and stuff like that. So, I had a really strong background in international travel and living and really finding fulfillment in those ways, rather than anything that can be really done in America, materialistic-wise, or job-wise, or humanitarian-wise. So I had that in my heart and I- you know, once that’s there and once you form that, I think it’s pretty much impossible to move, which is a good thing.

Brandon: Yeah

 Crystal: So I had River and I had to take leave from my position, because I was living at 18,000 feet in a tent, and it didn’t work so well being pregnant.

Brandon: Wow

Crystal: I came back and I just- I was married at the time. And I just decided that I’m going to have to stay here and have her. And then when I had her, I didn’t want to go back to it. I wanted to just stay home with her, of course, like good moms do, they get connected and they don’t really know how everything is going to suffer. So I focused on that. And then, after a year, we ended up splitting up, and I moved out with River, and I just had to kind of like, form my- figure out how that would look in the future. So I got a job at the university there, the University of North Carolina, and I taught and advised and I did a bunch of stuff. And after about four years, I had, you know, been a mom and I had a really big house, and a live-in nanny, and all of the things that I had gotten to my place in life as a professional, and especially as a single mom. I had lots of friends and all these social obligations. And she was high-platform diving when she was five. And we were doing all this really special awesome stuff.

Brandon: Yeah

 Crystal: But still I just wasn’t – I just kind of was a little bit disconnected from it. I knew that this life I had before, and I knew that as she grew up, I kind of wanted to see that in her. And I was still trying to put my values in place for her, just in that setting. Which I believe I did, as much as you sort of can do there. So, I just decided that I, you know, was getting a little frustrated with that life and I started to take some trips. I just went by myself sailing to the Dominican Republic for a week, and I came back, and I booked a trip immediately, a month later, to the Rivera, Mexico.

And then on my way back from there, I booked a trip to Cozumel for Christmas, for me, and River, and the nanny – for her first trip abroad. And I got her passport and all that stuff. And when I was in Cozumel, I saw how happy she was. And I was too. And so I just decided I wanted to figure out how to get to that spot full time. And so we went back. And then three weeks later, maybe a month later, I wrote an email to some places in Cozumel, and I got an email back that said they could actually use me to teach, but I would have to be there on Saturday, which was three days –

 Brandon: Oh wow! And you were back in the states? You were still –

 Crystal: I was normal life, like I was at the university, I had the house, everything. But you know, looking back, I never even thought about it for a second. I just said yes, and then I hung up the phone. And I had a lot of stuff to figure out.

 Brandon: Wow, so you said yes

 Crystal: But I did it. I fixed it all out. And I got there on Saturday. And I rented my house out, and I sort of leased my car out, and I just took whatever I could, quickly. And I just didn’t really know how long it would be. If I would go for a month it wouldn’t work out – I would come back if- I had no idea, but we’ve just been gone ever since.

 Brandon: Wow. That’s an awesome story.

Crystal: Thank you

Brandon: So it was just – had to make a decision, had to go. It was a no-brainer. And you escaped.

Crystal: Yeah it was. And I really believe that, because of that initial major decision, other- all these other little decisions have come from it. And so once you really follow a dream, or a heart, or a passion, or something that’s weighing on you, then that opens up your being for all of these other opportunities and possibilities. And that’s just all kind of rolled forward, all in line, ever since I made that first decision. And every day is a new blessing, adventure, unexpected opportunity. And slowly, it’s sort of just kind of accumulated and gotten us here. So, we lived in Cozumel for a while, and then we moved across to the mainland to Tulum. And that’s a really good spot for adventuring, because of the Cenote – the ancient Mayan world there.

 Brandon: Is that the diving? We’ve actually been there.

 Crystal: Yeah, the cave diving

 Brandon: We’ve actually been there.

 Crystal: Really?

 Brandon: Yeah we were there last year and the year before, and absolutely loved it. I did the dive with a guide and a buddy, and just loved it. The underwater caves – amazing, amazing, amazing. But keep going, sorry.

 Crystal: No, but that’s so- we ended up to be there, yeah, for a while, because it was pretty incredible. It offered culture and adventure. And I ended up getting a teaching job there. And so I teach at the same schools that River goes to. So they’re private international schools. And I just kind of- like I don’t go into it with a job, it just kind of works out –

 Brandon: Sure

 Crystal: – like that. Except for this here, in the Marshall Islands, this was kind of lined up before. But that’s another funny story. Yeah, we just roll with it and see. And then I just started writing. And it- people got inspired by our story, and by my view and perspective on things that I’ve sort of gained with a fresh – when you have nothing invading your space to think and process things, then you can do it in the raw form. And that’s kind of our adventure, and what I do, and what I write about. And so people can get that. When they can’t, they’re clouded in their everyday lifestyle with –

 Brandon: Sure

 Crystal: – being able to strip life down and see things for that, in that way. So that’s how Enlightened Globe Trekker started. At first, in Mexico, it was the Blonde Mexican Project. And it was just us being the “other,” and how we experienced that, like learning the language. And just as a cultural anthropologist and adventurer, and her daughter, kind of figuring it out together. And then when, you know, it got bigger and I had an agent for a book, and different things happened, I decided to change the name to Enlightened Globe Trekker, because that was what my original blog was called.

 Brandon: Okay

 Crystal: And so just to have everything match up and flow equally

 Brandon: Sure

 Crystal: And that’s kind of how it’s been branded now – we have a clothing line and

 Brandon: Oh really?

 Crystal: Yeah and we’re just able to- yeah we’ve just built this whole thing. And we just kind of live simply and have fun. So, it’s amazing, I think, what you can do when you really believe in something and follow dreams, and are strong, and sending a good message to the public. Because that’s really what’s built us – is the public’s interest, and ability to appreciate and relate to what I’m saying and the lessons they can apply to their life at home. And so, in that sense, I am inspiring people, which makes it all even more amazing, because it’s a special connection, that’s really special, that you don’t have with that many things that you come across in life, I think.

 Brandon: Sure, I think you’re right. I think, you know, my wife and I started a blog for our trip and you know, people are just- it’s just exciting to see how people get inspired. They piggyback off of a dream that you’ve launched. And they get inspired. And they figure out what their own dream is. And figuring out how that applies to their lives

 Crystal: And if it’s not living abroad, or it’s not whatever, just anything it is, you know

 Brandon: Sure – anything

 Crystal: – and bringing that to light, because that makes you free as a person inside. And opens up for, you know, more opportunities – in whatever – if it’s starting a business or whatever – just believing in your self, and taking the risk, enough, to believe that you will not fall. And you deserve to have what you believe in. And you have to work hard and stuff, but anything’s possible. And I think that, when people have lifestyles like us, it’s kind of unbelievable, unimaginable. And so when they see people doing it, and it’s very, very, real, and we have children –

 Brandon: Right

 Crystal: We’re not special –

 Brandon: Right. Right.

 Crystal: You know, okay, well, let’s see. Maybe I’m not justified anymore, in my thinking of excuses.

 Brandon: Sure, yeah.

 Crystal: Because these people did it

 Brandon: Exactly

 Crystal: And if they can do it then –

Brandon: Exactly. Well, let me ask you this. What has been, for you – give me one thing that’s been like – I don’t know. I don’t want to say regret, because regret’s not the word. But what has been something that maybe made you pause at some point where you said, “Hmmm…” Was there an event? Was there something? Was there just a moment of, “What the heck am I doing? Is this really a smart idea to do with me and my daughter?” Was there ever a moment like that?

And then I want to know a moment where it was, “Oh my gosh! This moment has validated the entire decision to pick up and leave, and do what I’m doing.” Do you have two- one each of those moments you can share?

 Crystal: Sure. The frustrating thing is, any kind of, you know, this is a very surface part of an answer, but, any kind of communication and banking and anything that has to do with back home is very, very, frustrating.

Brandon: Okay. Okay.

 Crystal: So if you have a day where you have all of these errands, and you have all of his stuff, that would take five minutes at home, and it kind of like consumes the week, and the stress. And, you know,

 Brandon: Yeah

 Crystal: – that sucks. So that was challenging, from Mexico. From here it’s a little better, which is kind of interesting. But, yeah when about a month, I think, after I got to Mexico, the initial, like, “Oh my gosh! I think we live in paradise now,” wore off. And, you know, and I’ve written about this too. I was driving this car, and it broke down at night

 Brandon: Oh Okay

 Crystal: And we were sitting in the jungle. And she was sick. And I couldn’t communicate about what medicine to get her. And I couldn’t transfer money. And I couldn’t – and it just felt like the world was closing in. And what have I done? Like, life was so simple at home. And, you know, whatever, so, that kind of general answer.

But in Tulum, one night we were walking home from dinner. And a guy, on a bike, rode by really fast and grabbed my purse off my outside shoulder, which I know now, never to wear on my outside shoulder. And he started like, kind of dragging me. And she was getting dragged too. And after I scream, and there were some guys on top of the balcony looking over – and they didn’t do anything, I felt really, you know, I just felt really uncomfortable, and alone, and weird. And, like, that really wouldn’t happen at home and stuff.

But I think it would, it’s just never happened to me. But I don’t live in areas where I’m sort of susceptible to that. But when you’re in a different place, you attribute other factors to something scary like that happening. And so I went home. I locked the door inside. And I was like, “Oh my gosh – what am I-?” And I looked up plane tickets home and stuff. So there have been a couple times, family emergency, looking up the plane tickets for the next day, just get me out of here.

Brandon: Okay

 Crystal: And then another time we were at a restaurant and she was- her fingers, were under the chair. And there was a dog under there and she didn’t know – it was a wild dog – and it bit her finger. And her finger was, like dangling. And there was blood all over the restaurant. And I was like in Mexico, and I don’t know what’s going to happen. “Oh! My gosh.” So times like that have, I think, I mean I think part of that too, it’s hard to know the difference, if I’m in Mexico or if I’m just whatever, because I’m alone with her. Like I have millions of friends everywhere I go, but as far as like in my house -

 Brandon: Yeah

 Crystal: I don’t have a partner to help me, support through those kinds of situations. So I think half of that is, the combination of being in a different land, and also having to just sort of like process everything by myself immediately. And be the strong one, but also figure – so I’ve had to have a lot of roles. And I think that that’s a little more challenging. I don’t think about it on a daily basis, because that’s just- I don’t know any different, really. But I imagine, if you had that, it wouldn’t be as intense.

So there were those times. But you know, you wake up the next day, and I walk outside and I am so blessed for, like, everything – the weather, just being immersed in this different culture and hearing the Mexican-Spanish music in the morning, and just everything that I’ve surrounded myself and her too, that I wanted to do. And so you wake up the next day, and it’s perfectly fine.

So I think it’s how much you latch on to those areas of strength, and challenge, and testing, and that doesn’t matter where you are in life. And we survive them and get to the next day. And it’s a beautiful life. But if you focus on that and you just, whatever, then, you know, that’s your being too. So it doesn’t matter where we are, or what kind of situation. I think it’s inside, on how we decide to deal with our own struggles and challenges, and think positively or negatively, or whatever.

 Brandon: Okay

 Crystal: So yeah, it really has been really actually, very good. We’re very blessed to have had very- pretty smooth, besides little challenges like that. Or like, “I’m so hot.” And there’s no air conditioning, or you know.

 Brandon: Right.

 Crystal: But it’s the bigger picture and what we’re actually gaining and how – just how our world has evolved like this. So in terms of the good pieces of that – are a million. I mean I was interviewed last year, with the same question. And my answer, I think, is probably the same, even though it’s now been an additional year.

But the first time in Mexico, when River had a best friend, who was Spanish and Argentine. And she slept over, like they just got to be good friends. And River became completely fluent. And they did everything that she did at home with her friends. That was, you know, things like that. So her relationships and her experience, above mine, learning the language, and figuring out how things operate here, and making associations between humanity, and things she says to me that I’m just, “aw, yes.” I can’t believe this has even worked out –

 Brandon: Wow

 Crystal: – like I imagine, and you’ve actually turned into the human – like I did this, kind of, for her, you know what I mean?

 Brandon: Yeah. Yeah.

 Crystal: And it’s actually worked. And so I just- those moments make me cry. And it’s just really, really, powerful. Because you had a dream, as a parent – you want your kids to be a certain way, be good at a certain sport, or think a certain way, or whatever. And this is what I wanted for her. And, when you get to that point where she’s running off with – you know, she’s speaking three languages, and just running of with whomever. And they’re best friends.

She doesn’t even remember really, not having friends who, were just not from different cultures, and different colors, and whatever. Yeah, like when I grew up, I grew up, I never saw anyone of a different color until – not even in my school – anyone. And I was just so ignorant to, I think- I mean, not ridiculously, but I just think, in my mind, I was crippled by what I didn’t know – not what I did know, but what I didn’t know, growing up. And so just to see her come into being a beautiful soul, and a beautiful human being, and having her relationships with all of her best friends. It’s just normal.

 Brandon: I love it.

 Crystal: So, and also, the big thing I’m doing with her too is – I’m sure you’re probably doing it as well – not having- not living and raising them through fear. And

 Brandon: Right

 Crystal: America is known for, don’t walk down the street, stop at the corner, and don’t swim out past the buoy and la, la, la, whatever.

 Brandon: Right

 Crystal: And I just feel like there’s a fine line between watching out for your kid, taking care of them, and knowing the limits that you should put on them as a parent and stuff. But I think we grow up programmed that way. And I think it’s really tragic because we’re always thinking that we can only go this far. And we can only do such-and-such. And someone needs to tell us how to get to- and then when we grow up, we don’t think we can just go ahead and follow our dream. We don’t believe in our self. We don’t know our limits. We don’t know what we’re capable of. We know of a society that has told us our whole life – what we should do, and who we should be. And so

 Brandon: I completely agree with you. I totally agree with you.

 Crystal: Yeah

 Brandon: I think they’re- and I like the way you said it, you said, “fear based.” You know, this whole experience for us – I mean I’m constantly questioning the reasons why I’m doing things, what I’m saying. And I think there’s such a fear based parenting, thinking in the U.S. at times – I think a lot of it is caused by the media – what we see on the news. I mean I haven’t watched the news in months and I’m so glad. Oh my gosh. It’s just toxic.

 Crystal: Doesn’t it feel good?

 Brandon: Oh it feels phenomenal. I feel like every time I watch it, I feel like I need to take a shower. And we have –

 Crystal: It’s ignorant bliss. It’s like I don’t care.

Brandon: It’s just, you know, my background is in marketing. So I see the buttons they push. When media, when the news is on, and why they choose certain stories, I totally understand why they’re doing it. It’s to invoke fear and concern. And just to get more eyeballs on their channel. So, I’m really glad to detox. But I agree with you, I think there’s such a fear base – the whole don’t talk to strangers. And be careful. And watch what you’re doing. And don’t get hurt. I think it’s paralyzing.

 Crystal: Yeah. I do too. And our life abroad is everything of that, that you just mentioned, that you can think of, is completely opposite. Like, strangers are family here. She free dives now, and she swims out however – and there’s sharks, and there’s- it’s deep, and there’s whatever. And she is like, a warrior out in the water. This is her playground now. She’s not like in a soccer club, or team – all the stuff that it’s your environment too. But she knows what coconuts- when you can eat them – what ones you can eat, what ones you can drink. What- mostly is the water activity. She free dives down to airplanes with me now and

 Brandon: Oh nice. Fun.

 Crystal: Kids can’t usually do that when they’re seven, but why? Because they don’t grow up in an environment where they do that everyday so they can actually get good at it. But also, you know, parents don’t – kids still have arm things on. Like float-y things or –

 Brandon: Right

 Crystal: That’s just a really silly example, but I think that’s very significant for your psyche, for your foundation, and also growing up – like she knows that mom- she can do anything she wants. Like the world to us now – she thinks of herself, she said yesterday, or the other day, that, “Well I’m half American, so…” I was like, “Oh, well, what other half are you?” And she’s like, “Of the world.”

 Brandon: Oh I love it!

Crystal: And I was like “Yeah.” And then she was like, “Actually, I think I’m all over the world now, right mom?” And I was like, wow, this is what I mean. Like she, you know, because we’re not locked into this certain area. So do you want- what country do you want to live in? What color people do you want to be friends with? What kind of life – do you want to live with the animals? Like, we can do whatever we want to do. The thing is just knowing the options out there, and making the best decision, and not just going along with what, you know, the limitations that are sort of put on you.

 Brandon: Sure

 Crystal: So it’s expanded her mind, forever, of what can be done in life. And what should be done to help others, I think, and seeing all these very, very, different ways of life, and all that stuff. A long answer to your question

 Brandon: I love it.  Thank you. All right two more questions and I’m going to let you go. Tell me about your projects. What are you working on? You talked about a clothing line. You talked about a book. Talk about those a little bit. Tell us about your clothing lone.

 Crystal: All right. The clothing line is sort of like made for inspired travellers – to be an inspired traveler. It’s kind of a solo project. So like, being an inspired traveler from home or wherever you are. It’s not that you’re out globe trekking like I am. But it’s that you’re, you know, you believe in strength, and dreams, and equality inside, and travel, and adventure, and all these weights – simple living, and the little moments of life that you can find lessons in, and just be inspired by life in general. So It’s kind of for those people who, you know, like the style, and who’ve traveled to India, and like global style, and comfort style and stuff. But also for something with a little more meaning than just going to the store and buying a shirt or whatever.

It’s like dresses and stuff that’s styled after putting different global designs together, and then just having a sort of, like a philosophy, behind the clothing. So I guess it’s more the philosophy – And also jewelry and some stuff like that. But these are from Mexico and India, and now I’m in the Marshall Islands. So it’s kind of like an international project.

I’m working on a book called the Enlightened Globe Trekker. It’s my first book based on my blog. I have a creative designer and media manager, so all of my stuff is getting redone right now, to be you know, more on the front lines of popular articles I’ve written. And just making sure that my website, now, has been what I created for just me, I think, years ago. So it wasn’t really being built to have traffic, and that’s all being redone. But the guy’s really – it’s going to be pretty cool.

So I’m really excited about how that’s going. So that’s a project in and of itself. You know, and then as a basis, as my site will have the different launch areas for all the different kinds of things we’re doing.

I’m also running an adventure Christmas retreat, which starts on – next week, the 22nd until the 4th we’re going out to a remote island here. And I’m teaching yoga, and dream coaching for, you know, people who have this desire, but don’t really know how to break out – and want to live. I teach that paradise is not just a location. It’s like your paradise in your mind. I have matched my paradise in my mind with being able to make an income, and do everything in paradise. But that’s not what this whole thing is about. It’s about what you’re doing too. It’s anything that you want in your mind – getting it. When you think of paradise, “I just want to be there. I just want to get to that point where I can be on that beach alone.” So this is not just a place, but it’s a place in your heart and soul as well. And how do we get there? No matter what it is we want or where we live.

Brandon: I love it. Is this the first of its kind? Is this like your- this event – is this the first one for you to create this?

 Crystal: Yeah –

 Brandon: Okay

 Crystal: of this kind yeah.

 Brandon: Okay

 Crystal: Also the first one in the Marshall Islands. And this summer, I have another Enlightened Globe Trekker Adventures in the Himalayas, from June 24th to July 15th. And what else are we working on? I don’t know I’ve been writing for Elephant journal a little bit.

 Brandon: That’s where I found you. I found you on Elephant Journal. That was a great article.

 Crystal: Thank you

 Brandon: Yeah. That was fantastic. I’ll make a link to it on our interview – really great, really great article.

 Crystal: Thank you. So I’m just doing a lot of different things. I’m also teaching kindergarten here to Marshallese. So we’re busy with a lot of projects. It’s a really exciting time for me and River and this company that we’ve built out of nothing – the fact that we’re living the life that we believe in, and that’s bringing us places, and it’s amazing. So it’s exciting.

 Brandon: So it sounds amazing. All right one last question and I’m going to let you go. I’ve got a storm rolling in here. It’s pretty funny. So we’ve got wind and storm and

 Crystal: Me too

 Brandon: So what kind of advice would you give for anyone either thinking about traveling internationally, or even just picking up and going and doing something locally in the United States? What’s the biggest chunk of advice you can give them? What’s the best piece you can give?

 Crystal: Well, there’s lots of different avenues you can approach that question. But mostly I would say that, you know, if you- you’re never going to have stuff together for it. You’re never going to have enough money. You’re never going to be ready to have a kid. You’re never going to be ready to get married. These are the things that, if it’s part of you, you need to just make it a priority and do it. And it can happen. And it doesn’t matter how far you want to travel, or how local.

But I think it’s important – number one – to take the time to- there’s different types of travel, but for me is checking in with nature, and really making the time out of your life for your heart, and soul, and balance – as for your self, as well as your children – to make that a really huge part of your life. And it’s just not done in America. We just don’t have the time. And I’m completely guilty of it too.

And so traveling with kids is very important. It shows them that there’s a greater world out there. But, yeah, just a little bit at a time, just this money and this money. If you want to live abroad, then just do it. And it will work out. If people just stay home, and think- well this- and just try to plan and micromanage stuff, and as you know too, I don’t know how much planning you – I actually want to hear about your story too, but – it’s like more you just have to kind of do it, and it will happen.

And there‘s lots of ways you can work along the way. But opening that up and actually just doing it, is really the only way that I think that grand travel can happen. I just think travel is one of the most important things to me. So it’s just so important in so many different ways – from seeing places, to learning your self, to learning others, to just the entire universe. We’re not made to live in one little town and not- and it’s just- that’s not the way we grow

 Brandon: I agree

 Crystal: So, I think it’s extremely important.

 Brandon: I totally agree. Well thank you. Where can people find you? Where can we, where can they find you online – to learn more about you and what you’re doing?

 Crystal: My website is

Facebook is theenlightenedglobetrekker

And my personal Facebook is Crystalblue

And I’m also on Twitter. It’s @EnlightenedGT

And email is enlightenedglobetrekker AT yahoo DOT com

 Brandon: Fantastic. All right I’m going to close out here for everybody and then I’m going to keep you on for a second for a couple more questions offline. So I want to thank you for joining us and maybe I would like to catch up with you in the future, for another interview. Maybe you can give us an update in six months to a year of what’s going on and where you are – especially the clothing line and the event. Sounds awesome. Sounds like something my wife would love to go to, as me included – to get out there.

 Crystal: Well thank you so much for taking the time. I’m really happy to come across you. And I’m excited for our future friendship and support in our lifestyles like this. Thanks everyone for listening!

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