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Your Excuses Are Invalid: Meet an International Traveling Single Mom Redefining Experiential Learning


“Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.” – Amelia Earhart

Its easy to find stories of single adults embarking on aggressive travel agendas. I mean why not? They can store their stuff in mom’s basement, live on the international equivalent of ramen noodles and carry their unmentionalbles in a backpack. But what if you’re a single mom from North Carolina with a craving for something more than maintaining social obligations? Read More→

Mountain Dreams, Ex-Cons and Honoring the Life of My Unruly Father

The boys take a swim in Mc Donald Lake at Glacier National Park

The boys take a swim in Mc Donald Lake at Glacier National Park

¬†”An adventure has no purpose – life is about grabbing on to opportunities.”

- Tom Boyd, Teacher, Father, Husband, Musician, World Traveler, Adventurer

You know your perspective has changed a bit when you take a look at the clock and say to yourself, “…gee, its only ______ o’clock?”¬†Today marks the day that we have been on our RV journey a week shy of 4 months. It also marks one year to the day of my father passing away. Read More→