Congratulations and welcome. You made it. You found the safe haven for uncommon and adventurous families.

If you often find yourself questioning everything, or sometimes think of yourself a misfit or have been accused of being a dreamer, or possibly fit the mold of those people who never really grew up, you now have a home. Glad to have you on board.

I’m Brandon and I will be your host. That’s me on the ice – no I did not fall through it despite my largeness.

I started this blog because i’m weird. I don’t like watching sports on TV, in fact I generally can’t stomach television (love movies!). I ascribe to contrarian thinking in general. I love blues music, backpacking and kayaking, grilling good food with good friends. I’ve always really relished being outside in the great outdoors, traveling all kinds of places, and meeting fascinating people.

I read a lot of books and I noticed a trend in the term ‘lifestyle design’ over the last several years. While reading a lot of blogs and books about creating your ideal lifestyle, I began to notice a trend all of the authors I was learning about: they were all single, usually unmarried, with no children. This got me thinking…Why should these guys have all the fun?

Since I’ve never really been good at staying at any company for more than two years, the idea of creating a custom life sustained by any number of income sources under my control, and saying goodbye to the world of cubicles and office politics seemed extremely enticing. So this blog is my official quest to find and feature families who are:

  • Living adventurous lives, on their own terms with their children
  • Using alternative education sources to home/road/un school their children
  • Creating sustainable income allowing them to be location independent if they so choose

In addition to finding and interviewing these families to find out how they created their own experience, I will be offering ongoing resources, offers, how-to guides, etc.  on this site on how you can create the exact same thing in your own life. Since you are and I are on this journey together, I will do my absolute best to share everything I can with you to help you design your lifestyle.

Oh and one more thing: the thoughts I’m going to share in this blog are going to be real world. No hype. No garbage. There’s enough crap on the Internet to waste time for the rest of our lives. Truth be told, I wasted a lot of my own time pursuing some of the methods that are so commonly touted as ‘freedom-creating’. You’re not going to find any of that on this blog, that’s my promise to you. If I recommend something here, its because I have checked it out, used it, read it, spoken to the creator of the product, you get the idea.

You can always drop me a line anytime so don’t be shy. I want to hear about you and your adventures and what you’re doing to create your own lifestyle with your family.  Us misfits need to stick together.

Until next time, remember to stay unruly :-).

Brandon Boyd