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Your Excuses Are Invalid: Meet an International Traveling Single Mom Redefining Experiential Learning


“Never interrupt someone doing what you said couldn’t be done.” – Amelia Earhart

Its easy to find stories of single adults embarking on aggressive travel agendas. I mean why not? They can store their stuff in mom’s basement, live on the international equivalent of ramen noodles and carry their unmentionalbles in a backpack. But what if you’re a single mom from North Carolina with a craving for something more than maintaining social obligations? Read More→

Full-Time Family Road Tripping: How Michael Boyink and Family Turned a Pipe Dream Into Reality

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Some people dream about experiencing the great American road trip, others just do it. Michael Boyink is one of those who did it and hasn’t looked back. He travels full time with his wife and 2 kids in a 30 foot RV. What started as a one-year experiment has evolved into an on-the-road family adventure story with an indefinite end. Michael took the time out to talk with me about dreaming big,  life on the road with kids and taking life moment by moment. Enjoy. Read More→