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Mountain Dreams, Ex-Cons and Honoring the Life of My Unruly Father

The boys take a swim in Mc Donald Lake at Glacier National Park

The boys take a swim in Mc Donald Lake at Glacier National Park

 ”An adventure has no purpose – life is about grabbing on to opportunities.”

- Tom Boyd, Teacher, Father, Husband, Musician, World Traveler, Adventurer

You know your perspective has changed a bit when you take a look at the clock and say to yourself, “…gee, its only ______ o’clock?” Today marks the day that we have been on our RV journey a week shy of 4 months. It also marks one year to the day of my father passing away. Read More→

3 Things You Can Do Today to Become Undomesticated This Year


Let’s put those New Year’s resolutions and goals you made 2 months ago aside for a moment – squirrely little things that they are – and talk about something more important. I’m talking about the importance of figuring out the reasons why you do what you do.

Yes it’s important. Frankly, it’s way more important than you probably think. Your reasons why are the only thing that can sustain you long enough to accomplish whatever you want to do with your life. Read More→

Painful Lessons, Moments of Perspective, and Getting Weepy Over Kid’s Movies

Its Sunday afternoon after my youngest son’s birthday. We’ve spent the day assembling Lego kits, napping and watching a couple movies. Its my older son’s turn to pick, so he chooses Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium.

If you have never seen it, its a wonderful family movie starring Dustin Hoffman about an eccentric shop owner who is the curator of a magical toy store. He’s decided to pass on the store to Mahoney, his store manager (played by Natalie Portman). Before he makes the transition final, he hires an accountant – which he affectionately refers to a ‘mutant’ – to dig through years of receipts and records to see exactly what the store is worth.

Read More→